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#6 Remove recent changes from ForSyDe.Deep repository ForSyDe-Haskell-Deep ForSyDe-Haskell-Deep-0.2.0 defect 12/20/12

We did some changes to enable compiling ForSyDe with ghc 7.6. However, the problem was that wrong VHDL code was generated.

With the new patches, it is not anymore possible to compile for ghc 6.12 anymore. The problem seems that we require type-level 2.8, but parameterized-data requires an older version.

Can you just remove the recent changes from the repository ("unrecord" them), so that the repository works nicely with 6.12.

P.S: I know it was my idea to get 7.6 working, but unfortunately the changes affected the VHDL-backend in a very negative way.

#17 Add process constructors to support basic data-parallel operations ForSyDe-SystemC ForSyDe-SystemC-0.5.0 enhancement 02/09/14

In order to facilitate modeling and analysis for data-parallel applications, add the support for basic operations which are supported by dominating technologies (i.e., on  GPGPUs). The SY MoC (especially the strict subset) is a proper first candidate for implementation. This is a first step towards a better connection to tools such as f2cc.

#5 Separate ForSyDe.Shallow from ForSyDe.Deep in Haskell ForSyDe ForSyDe-Haskell-Deep ForSyDe-Haskell-Deep-0.2.0 task 12/20/12

Separate ForSyDe.Shallow from ForSyDe.Deep in Haskell ForSyDe.

We need to define the new version numbers. I propose the following:

The next version will be 0.4.0 for both ForSyDe.Shallow and ForSyDe.Deep. The current version can be regarded as version. From this point both Shallow and Deep will develop indepedently.

#8 Add the stochastic MoC to ForSyDe-SystemC ForSyDe-SystemC ForSyDe-SystemC-0.5.0 enhancement 01/22/13

There is an implementation of a MoC with stochastic process constructors in the shallow version of the Haskell-based implementation of ForSyDe. It could be useful to implement it in the SystemC version also.

#13 Common base for all MoCs ForSyDe-SystemC ForSyDe-SystemC-0.5.0 enhancement 07/10/13

The number of supported MoCs in the library is not fixed and grows as it is used in different contexts. However, many of them are variations of each other and can be considered as sub-MoCs. For example different dataflow MoCs such as SDF, CSDF, dynamic dataflow can be considered as special cases of the untimed MoC. The proposal is to re-implement the library in such a way that the sub-MoCs (including the process constructors and signals) inherit from and reuse the elements of the original MoC. This,

  • reduces the library size and improves maintainability,
  • restricts the minimum number of required interface processes between MoCs to the ones relating the main MoCs together.

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