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15:40 Changeset [17] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: minor fix in the ctmoc.hpp file
15:37 Changeset [16] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: minor fix in the newly added sylib.hpp file
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10:34 Changeset [15] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: Some package files added.


11:28 Changeset [14] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: Added a new file sylib.h for the SY MoC with a gaussian …
11:24 Changeset [13] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: Redesigned CT2SY, it does not synch with the kernel …
11:23 Changeset [12] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: Removed warnings caused by CT::filter, sinks are not …
11:14 Changeset [11] by shan2
Fixed the bug for delay and shift elements in the CT MoC.
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Toy SDF Example
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15:50 forsyde-model.png attached to ForSyDe by shan2
An example of a ForSyDe model.
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An example for the SystemC map of ForSyDe.
15:39 ForSyDe/SystemC created by shan2
15:21 New download ForSyDe-SystemC-0.1.0.zip created by shan2
(42.6 KB) The first version which was developed during the SYSMODEL project.
14:47 WikiStartOld created by shan2
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10:17 Changeset [10] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: changed from unit to unsigned int for the SDF MoC


14:41 Changeset [9] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: Initial port to the new repository
10:51 WikiStart edited by shan2


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