15:28 ForSyDe/f2cc edited by fernanhc
I dared to substitute "generates correct CUDA code" by "generates CUDA … (diff)
15:16 ForSyDe/jasdse created by fernanhc
A first rough content
15:05 Tools edited by fernanhc
Adding some changes to support a page for the JAS-DSE flow. Such page will … (diff)
14:59 ForSyDe/KisTA created by fernanhc
So far, i give a brief introduction of what there is new in KisTA, and why …
14:41 Tools edited by fernanhc
Initial proposal for making more vissible the related design frameworks, … (diff)


16:33 WikiStart edited by shan2
moved out the documentation to own page (diff)
16:33 Documentation created by shan2
16:28 WikiStart edited by shan2
moved the tools out to a new page (diff)
16:26 Tools created by shan2


00:25 Changeset [228] by shan2
fix a bug in SY::moore and SY::smoore


17:14 Changeset [227] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: add the strict version of more process constructors to …


23:59 Changeset [226] by shan2
add data-parallel strict comb to the SY MoC (SY::sdpcomb) with a minimal …
16:22 Changeset [225] by shan2
add the bibtex for the publication list


00:53 Ticket #17 (Add process constructors to support basic data-parallel operations) created by shan2
In order to facilitate modeling and analysis for data-parallel …


15:51 ForSyDe/ModelingTutorial edited by shan2
finished the process constructors section (diff)


18:51 ForSyDe/ModelingTutorial edited by shan2
start the process constructors section (diff)
11:18 ForSyDe/ModelingTutorial edited by shan2
add MoC desciption (diff)


10:13 ForSyDe/ModelingTutorial edited by shan2
Add abstract functional description, and a BER picture (diff)


11:11 ForSyDe/ModelingTutorial created by shan2
Initiated the abstract modeling tutorial


16:15 ForSyDe/SystemC/SYTutorial edited by shan2
converted to strict variant of process constructors (diff)
16:03 Ticket #9 (Add the strict variant of the synchronous MoC to ForSyDe-SystemC) closed by shan2
fixed: In [224]: […]
16:03 Changeset [224] by shan2
ForSyDe-SystemC: add the strict version of the process constructors to the …
12:17 ForSyDe/Examples created by shan2
Create a page for collecting examples
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