The SystemC ForSyDe

An example for the SystemC map of ForSyDe.

ForSyDe-SystemC uses the  SystemC class library to implement ForSyDe.

An intermediate representation of ForSyDe models based on XML and C++ files, called ForSyDe-XML, can be used for development of analysis and synthesis backends. Currently, ForSyDe-SystemC can generate this intermediate representation by means of Introspection.

Getting the Tools

The latest version of our supporting modeling libraries and development tools can be obtained from the repository. Occasionally, there will also be releases on the download page.

Getting the Latest Version

If you would like to see how ForSyDe looks today, you can check it out directly from our repositories.

You can get the latest version of ForSyDe-SystemC using an SVN client from the following address:

Downloading Packaged Releases

It is also possible to to download ForSyDe tools as packaged releases, but you may not get the newly added functionalities.

ForSyDe-SystemC packages are available on the download page.